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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and Small Cells


Cellnex has a vast experience and a skilled technical team to deploy Distributed Antenna System (DAS) & Small Cells solutions that enable mobile coverage and capacity in high density areas. The DAS and Small Cells systems will be core infrastructures from which the new 5G communication standard will be deployed.

A DAS is a network of spatially separate antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport system that provides wireless services within a geographical area, a building or outdoor space. DAS can be installed in buildings to boost wireless signals inside them. They are often located within large facilities such as stadiums or company premises. Cellnex uses DAS systems and provide DASaaS (‘DAS as a Service’) using an end-to-end approach and always multi-tenant capable, allowing for its neutral hosting and open access policy.

This way, the coverage and repeater capacity of the mobile radio signal can be improved in specific areas serving mobile operators, both with structures dedicated to a single operator and in multi-standard/multi-frequency and with multi-operator “neutral host” mode, since a single antenna can efficiently distribute the signal for several frequencies and several operators simultaneously.




In Europe, Cellnex has designed, built, and manages approximately 2,000 multi-system and multi-operator nodes in the main high-traffic areas, such as underground railways (metros), stadiums and arenas, over ground railways, outdoor multi-operator microcells, shopping centers, skyscrapers, hospitals and airports.



Our Proven Process Produces Results
Site survey, Requirements assessment, Site acquisition, Concept Design, Project financing, Negotiation and Contracts signing
Network Design, Contracting and Network Design completion
Construction management, Safety & Permitting, Staffing, Logistic, Installation
Setting and delivery, Service start-up
Supervision by NOC, Maintenance, Network Quality and Service Quality
Why Cellnex?

Cellnex has a direct relation with mobile operators and provides neutral host solutions to help site owners and managers to find the optimal solution in the face of the increasing need for mobile coverage and capacity in complex environments. We can manage site acquisition, design, installation, set-up, operation, maintenance, supervision and quality control of the service.

Connectivity for mobile Operators

How can good mobile connectivity be ensured in crowded and difficult-to-reach places, such as stadiums and arenas, shopping centers, airports, hospitals, subways and hotels? Cellnex DAS and Small Cells solutions satisfy the requirements of mobile devices (phones, tablets and pc’s) users who are demanding coverage and capacity anywhere, any time.

Attractive for owner of venues

With around 80% of mobile traffic originating or terminating indoors, it is critical that visitors, residents and workers have permanent access to reliable mobile connectivity. With Cellnex solutions your venue and buildings will be fitted with optimal in-building and indoor cellular coverage and capacity, increasing its attractiveness and desirability to your customers.