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Internet of things


IoT is no longer simply the label of a future trend, but an increasingly palpable reality enhancing the efficiency of industrial processes, optimizing activity flows and multiplying the possibilities of implementing new business models which were previously unthinkable.

According to data provided by various analysts, by 2025 there will be some 75 billion connected objects, a figure which would cause a logjam in existing connectivity services, demanding new solutions to allow interaction with these objects via the Internet, querying any information or altering their operational status in a secure and private environment.

Thanks to its commitment to the development of Smart solutions, Cellnex operates a cellular data network specifically dedicated to the Internet of Things, allowing the connection of objects powered by a long-life battery, which therefore has low power consumption, a long range and low cost. The network naturally maintains the integrity and security of the data transmitted.


In an environment in which any object could be integrated within an information network and play a role in business processes, the security and privacy of data become a fundamental cornerstone of connectivity. To develop this innovative network, Cellnex selected the LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) technology provided by the French company SIGFOX, the characteristics of which correspond to the 4Ls that comprise the critical points of the IoT:

• Low Power
• Long Range
• Low Traffic
• Low Cost


The network rolled out by Cellnex is thus characterized by low bandwidth and long range communication which is energy-efficient, secure and robust. It covers Portugal and has more than 1,300 active sites, making it the largest dedicated IoT network in Europe.


Technical characteristics:

Low bandwidth and long range
• Patented Ultra-Narrow Band Signal 100 Hz technology
• Low transmission rate ~100 bps
• Service cycle limitation in accordance with ETSI regulation
• UP-LINK (Native Network) with 140 messages of 12 usable bytes / object / day
• DOWN-LINK with 4 messages of 8 usable bytes / object / day
• Good Sensitivity -142 dBm
• High permitted Path Loss: 164 dB (UL) – 158 dB (DL) vs 120-140 in GSM

Low consumption
• Low power of devices (25 mW modems)
• Permits low device consumption
• Does not listen to the channel constantly, but only when the message is sent
• Less Data = Less Power = GREENTECH

Secure communication
• Messages without user identification
• 3 frames sent per message at different frequencies selected at random
• Signal practically invisible in background noise and low power transmission (ETSI limitation)
• Anti-jamming technology compatible with non-licensed bands (UN39 Recommendation 70 03; EN 300 220)

Robust Network
• Design based on collaborative cells: each object is covered by at least 2 or 3 antennae
• High service level
• Cellnex guarantee in maintenance of sites and backhaul

• According to dimensions and arrangement
• Capacity of up to 1M devices per Base Station